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Portraits of people are completed based on reference photos. I prefer to take my own reference photos and can also work with your professional photographer if desired. Here is what you can expect.


A typical photo session will take no more than hour depending on the subject resulting in several hundred reference photos. During the photo session I take care in observing the individual to get a feel for their personality and expressions.


Following the photo session, I review all photos and select a few as proofs.  I will send you the proof set and discuss each photo to assist in the selection of a photo that represents the perfect pose and expression. Once the reference photo is selected, we can then determine the right size, medium and price for your portrait. 

As the portrait nears completion, I will ask you to give input regarding the painting so that any adjustments can be made to assure the desired likeness. Occasionally, a brief live sitting may be required in the end to complete the final details. Lastly, I can assist the client in having a portrait framed. 


Portraits of animals on the other hand, can be completed from photos that are provided by you. I love receiving photos from my clients from around the globe! 

TIPS for great reference photos of your loved pet. 

1) Please avoid using a flash when photographing your loved one for a painting. Photos taken in natural light will result in a much better painting. 

2) Please make sure your photos are clear, if you can see the detail in the eyes then you are 90% there as eyes are the windows of the soul!

3) Take lots of photos to give us an opportunity to pick and choose the photo that best represents your loved one. I have been known to snap hundreds of photos in one sitting to come up with only a handful that I love. Yes you can use your smart phone to take photos.

4) It is often helpful to have a friend with you if possible to stand behind you to keep your loved one interested. Be animated with your loved one to get the look you want. Hoot and holler, meow like a cat, bark like a dog, snap your fingers over your head while you click your camera button away. You will be amazed at the wonderful expressions you get on that fur kid's face when you resort to such antics!

5) Remember to send the largest JPEG available. I paint from my monitor and like to zoom in on the image for details. 

Feel free to send as many photos as you like, I am more than happy to give my opinion on the photos that will make the best paintings!

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