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Mary Sparrow

Welcome to Mary Sparrow Fine Art!


My work is simply about bringing joy to people around the world, painting their loved ones, pets and random objects that evoke those happy nostalgic memories. 

I am very fortunate to be able to create for a living and grateful for people like you that support and encourage me while I color these little slices of our lives. Nothing is more satisfying than capturing the essence of a loved one and preserving that moment in time.

When I was 4  years old, my mother gave me my first paint by numbers oil set. I remember to this day how much I loved the smell of the paint in those little plastic pots and the feeling of brushing that wonderfully messy and mushy stuff onto the canvas. Feelings of complete satisfaction would fill me as I looked at my completed masterpieces! To this day, I love the smell of oil paint and the feeling of that mushy mess that evokes that childlike feeling that surrounds me while painting. 


I have been creating  fine art paintings and commissioned heirloom portraiture for over 25 years. At last count, my originals and prints have shipped to over 30 countries and throughout the United States. My work is sold in major retail outlets including; Home Goods, Amazon, Wayfair, Joss and Main, Target, and Kate & Laurel. In addition, I work closely with interior designers to create custom artwork for residential and commercial spaces as well as license my artwork for promotional use. 

And you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Substack, Etsy, and other social platforms by clicking the icons below.

Thank you for stopping by!  

Mary Sparrow

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